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IMCD Coatings & Construction offers speciality raw materials to drive performance, innovation and sustainability of paints, coatings, construction, adhesives, printing inks, textile, leather and paper formulations.

Think Coatings & Construction. Think IMCD.

We’re driving formulation evolution by providing our customers with innovative thinking, and customised solutions using our technical expertise and comprehensive portfolio of additives, functional fillers, pigments, resins and speciality solvents.

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Whatever your field of application, we have the formulatory expertise to help.

Our skilled team of product, formulation and sales experts work to anticipate future needs and use this knowledge to seek out valuable opportunities for our customers. With a truly global presence, local market insights and in-depth technical understanding, we have the ideas and expertise to support you in developing the forward-reaching innovations of tomorrow.

For our customers, product performance and meeting market needs are top priorities. Therefore, we forge long term partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands to offer a diverse and innovative portfolio of additives, functional fillers, pigments, resins, and speciality solvents.


IMCD Coatings & Construction has the right raw materials and know-how to provide you with the best solution.

At IMCD Coatings & Construction, we focus on delivering the future focused and sustainable solutions that are vital for the market, consumers, and society. Whether you need technical support, formulation expertise or regulatory guidance, contact us today.

Experience our Coatings & Construction expertise
within the UK & Ireland
With our sales experts, we advise customers in industrial coatings, construction, adhesives and sealants.

We offer an extensive portfolio of ingredients for decorative paints, inks, paper, textile & leather as well as speciality chemicals from our best-in-class suppliers.

Thanks to our industry know-how and a comprehensive understanding of raw materials we provide technical support to help our customers develop new and improved formulations, utilising our network of global laboratories

Get in touch with our experts to explore out full product portfolio.

"Understanding industry trends, extensive raw material knowledge, and best-in-class partnerships allow us to consistently deliver added value to our customers, enabling them to develop the innovations of tomorrow."

Julian Parratt

Business Unit Manager, Coatings & Construction UK & Ireland

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