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At IMCD Home Care and I&I we partner with our customers and suppliers to elevate the performance of cleaning products for home, business, institutional and industrial use

Elevate Performance

We are your partner in advancing the development of effective, performance-driven solutions. We use our market expertise and product know-how to innovate and deliver industry-leading solutions that will meet your sustainability, efficiency and economical needs. We exist to elevate performance!

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Whatever your field of application, we have the formulatory expertise to help.

Our portfolio is constantly evolving to meet the latest technical requirements and market trends. Customers seeking germ and grease free surfaces, sanitised rooms and equipment, soft and spotless laundry, sparkling glasses and dishes, or conditioned and waxed floors and cars, know we are on hand to help.

Our application and regulatory expertise, dedicated technical centres offering on-site performance testing, and unrivalled industry knowledge and relationships enable us to elevate the performance of all our partners.

At IMCD Home Care and I&I, we use our regulatory expertise, application knowledge and unparalleled relationships with leading manufacturers to elevate the performance of your solutions.

Home Care and I&I delivers high performance, premium ingredients which yield consistent results, sustainable solutions and ensure better cost-in-use through performance driven products.

Experience our Home Care and I&I expertise within the UK & Ireland
Our technical expertise and intimiate understanding of the trends that are shaping the UK home care and I&I market allow us to work with you to innovate and discover solutions that improve cleaning performance and wellbeing.

We work closely with leading suppliers to provide our customers with a comprehensive product portfolio that includes enzymes, surfactants, biocides, chelates, builders, rheology modifiers, solubilisers and solvents, as well as functional additives.

If you'd like formulation guidance, analytical services or would benefit from a consultation, talk to one of our UK based Home Care and I&I experts, today.

To browse our range of ingredients for cleaning, conditioning, polishing and protection applications, visit MyIMCD or contact a local expert today!

“We are here to rise to your specific challenges, using our unrivalled knowledge of the local market to create bespoke technical solutions that ensure your products thrive.”

Andrew Short
Business Unit Manager, Home Care and I&I UK & Ireland

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