Technical Expertise

We understand that complex and international markets require first-class knowledge and support. At IMCD we invest strongly in technical expertise, as well as sales and marketing excellence, to meet our customers’ and suppliers’ needs.
IMCD UK & Ireland operates two technical centres in Milton Keynes, England, providing state of the art facilities for our Beauty & Personal Care & Homecare and I&I divisions.

Our technical and application-specific expertise enables us to support our partners by fine-tuning formulations and production processes, and allows us to work together to discover innovative soltions that ensure their products thrive.

At the same time, our technical centres provide us with a collaborative space where we can deliver seminars and technical training. The continous education of our people means that they are able to offer practical advice and actionable insights to our suppliers and customers.

Discover our technical centres in the UK

Beauty & Personal Care

Our Beauty & Personal lab in Milton keynes, provides the cosmetic manufacturers and brands we work with across the UK and Ireland with comprehensive technical support to create a variety of innovative personal care formulations. 
Homecare and I&I
Our Home Care and I&I laboratory in Milton Keynes, allows us to work with our partners to drive innovation and discover solutions that improve the performance of cleaning, surface care and protection products, responding to local market trends with greater efficiency. 

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