The Hormone Journey Collection

Five unique and innovative concept samples

Get ready for a fascinating journey through the ages with a hand-picked selection of innovative skincare and haircare products crafted by our technical experts.

There are so many changes in the body that are led by hormone levels - mood swings, depression, brain fog etc. - that we in the Beauty & Personal Care industry can do little about.

However, there are things we can control. Our team of experts have been hard at work studying the effects of hormones on our skin and hair, from puberty to the menopause, and have curated a selection of skincare and haircare products to help limit discomfort and issues surrounding self esteem - no matter where someone is on the hormone journey.

​​At IMCD Beauty & Personal Care we constantly strive to understand more in order be proactive rather than reactive, and as a result, are pleased to present you with the the Hormone Journey Collection.

Your journey starts here

Puberty Beauty

Blemish Repair & Oil Control Cream
Focusing on skin protection, this cream has carefully selected active ingredients that reduce sebum production, help to encourage your skins natural healing processes, protect the microbiome and reduce the number of blocked pores, all in a bid to reduce the impact on blemish prone skin. The light and quick drying texture was chosen to ease application to inflamed and tight skin, while also leaving it feeling nourished. 

Perimenopause Beauty

Stress Control Cooling Spray
To be used as and when required, this instant and long-lasting cooling spritz can be applied to the face and neck to reduce the impact of hot flushes. It contains a menthol derivative for a noticeable cooling sensation as well as a stress control active to help diminish the severity of the flush.

Menopause Beauty

Goodbye Grey Strengthening Shampoo
This mild shampoo has been formulated to help reduce hair thinning as a result of the menopause. It contains a number of ingredients that reduce greys, and improve hair density and vitality, as well as hydrating and nourishing the scalp for improved hair health.
Pro-Collagen Cream
This rich but quick breaking cream is easy to spread over sensitive, delicate skin, giving the feeling of long-lasting hydration. With actives aimed at maintaining skin firmness through boosting collagen production, as well as intense moisturisation, this cream helps to balance collagen loss during menopausal hormone depletion.

Trans Beauty

Androgenic Hair & Beard Boosting Serum
Hormone therapy and the increase in testosterone can result in hair thinning, uneven beard growth, and blemishes. This serum has been developed with a holistic approach to target all concerns. It contains a haircare active that works at the cellular level to reinvigorate stem cell production, a targeted effect that helps with reducing hair loss and boosting beard growth. In addition, microbiome balancing and sebum reducing actives are working at the skin surface to achieve a healthy, blemish-free base for healthy hair growth.