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At IMCD Industrial Solutions, we serve four diverse markets around the globe to deliver innovative solutions that help our customers to differentiate their products.

Experts Across Markets
Our experts have the specialised expertise to problem-solve and provide technical solutions to industry challenges. Our technical solutions span four areas:
  • Chemical Intermediates
  • Materials Technologies
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Processing Technologies
Whether you’re in search of a substitution due to environmental concerns, regulations or performance issues, or looking for an innovative solution, we have the comprehensive industry knowledge that allows us to bridge challenges across lines of business and product offerings.

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IMCD offers innovative solutions for the following market segments:

Chemical Intermediates

Resin polymer producers

We provide large quantities of monomers, additives, catalysts and solvents to our customers who create resin and polymers for coatings, adhesives and structural parts.

Performance chemicals producers

Whether our customers need a specific product solution or an end-to-end technically strong supplier, we support small- to medium-size chemical producers with high-end solutions, including bulk quantities to serve unique needs.

Toll manufacturers and formulators

For customers who face ever-changing needs, we have the flexibility and expertise to formulate innovative solutions on a project basis.

Lab and research institutes

With our foundation of technical knowledge and steadfast reliability, we offer a range of chemicals for research purposes, appropriate for both large- and small-scale studies.

Materials Technologies


We work with customers in the defense, aerospace and nautical industries, among others, to provide masking materials and structural adhesives for the construction as well as cleaning chemicals for complex electronics boards.


We supply high-end additives, chemicals and silicones necessary for creating batteries.

High-temperature products

Within the refractory business, we deliver the minerals and all components our customers need to build a heat-resistant form.


We offer resins and minerals to meet the cost effective and sustainable requirements in foundry. Our experts offer foundry chemistry contributing innovative solutions that replace scarce and expensive raw materials with alternatives that perform equally or better - with less harmful impact on the environment.


We provide the forms to develop technical ceramics with industrial applications, as well as the additives to increase durability.

Environmental Technologies

Water treatment

Our industrial water treatment solutions help our customers use and maintain water resources in a manner that minimises environmental impact and ensures safety for future uses.

Recycling and waste treatment

We support our customers with efficient recycling processes, including the optimal pre-treatment of material so it can be used most effectively in further applications.

Processing Technologies

Surface modification

We offer treatment solutions to maintain a robust surface that supports efficient processes.


Our chemical products help customers overcome challenges that arise in the mining process.

Processing aids

To ensure a smoother product flow, our industrial solutions supply processing aids for the production of plastics, rubbers and other materials.

Filtration / purification separation

We support the purification material for products that require filtering during the manufacturing.


Our solutions ensure machines run efficiently, primarily across various types of metal treatment, to maximise usage and output.

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