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Next Generation Low Viscosity, Low Volatility Polyalphaolefins

Unlock the potential of low viscosity, low volatility PAO base stocks from Ineos Oligomers. 

Introducing Durasyn® 133 & 136 Polyalphaolefins from Ineos Oligomers: Where Innovation Meets Performance.

As emissions regulations become increasingly stringent, formulators are developing ultra low viscosity engine oils & driveline fluids that deliver improved fuel economy, higher performance and better wear protection.

Durasyn 133 and Durasyn 136 from Ineos Oligomers tick all of the boxes. They stand as fully synthesized, distilled, and hydrogenated hydrocarbon base fluids crafted from linear alphaolefin feedstocks. Engineered for superior performance, these polyalphaolefins are designed to elevate the longevity and efficiency of fully formulated lubricants operating under continuous low, high or wide temperature range conditions. 

Features and Benefits of Ineos Durasyn® 133 and Durasyn® 136 

Enhanced Viscosimetrics and Low-Temperature Properties
Lower CCS viscosity and low traction coefficient, means improved fuel economy.

Low volatility works to reduce oil consumption, ensuring increased durability.
Extended Drain Intervals and Oxidative Stability
Improved oxidative stability, offering extended drain intervals for heightened operational efficiency.
Higher Performance and Wear Protection
Delivers superior performance and advanced wear protection for demanding industrial applications.
Addressing LSPI Phenomenon
Contributes to decreasing the Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) phenomenon, ensuring a safer and more reliable operation.
Ultra Low Viscosity Formulation
Enables the formulation of ultra-low viscosity engine oils and driveline fluids, aligning with evolving industry requirements.
Friction and Torque Reduction
Minimises torque loss by reducing friction/traction coefficient, optimising overall system performance.

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Stay ahead of the curve with the next generation LVLV (low viscosity, low volatility) PAO range from Ineos Oligomers. Contact us to request detailed product information or a sample.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Durasyn® 133 and Durasyn® 136...

Durasyn 133 and 136 are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of lubricant applications, including but not limited to:

Durasyn 133 Applications:

Process oils
Automatic Transmission fluids (ATF)
Dual Clutch Transmission fluids (DCTF)
Hydraulic and circulating oils

Durasyn 136 Applications:

High-performance low viscosity engine oils
Automatic Transmission and Dual Clutch Transmission Fluids (AT and DCT Fluids)
Hydraulic and circulating oils
Industrial low-viscosity oils

These polyalphaolefins are tailored to excel in each of these applications, providing tailored solutions for a variety of industrial lubrication needs.