2023: A year of Fundraising for True Honour

Join us as we reflect on a successful year of fundraising for True Honour

Earlier this year, IMCD UK was pleased to announce that True Honour was selected as our designated charity to support throughout 2023. 

Join us as we reflect on a successful year of fundraising.
True Honour
True Honour work to support survivors of honour-based violence and forced marriage, pledging to help as many victims of abuse as possible. Working closely with agencies across the UK and internationally, and using the first-hand experience of victims, they hope to educate people and provide them with a better understanding of the signs to spot to prevent abuse before it takes place. 
True Honour’s approach includes thorough training initiatives, raising awareness, and providing a shielded and empowering support system for victims.
IMCD UK partnered with True Honour in the hope that, by working together, we can empower victims and create the positive change that is needed to create a more inclusive society.

IMCD UK supported this venture with a range of fundraising events and challenges:

1000km Walk
On May 18th, 60 IMCD UK employees undertook a collective 1000km walk. For 49 members of the IMCD team the adventure took place through the scenic countryside of the Surrey hills, with the remaining 11 team members taking part in their corresponding locations across the UK.

You can read the full story here.

Amount raised: £4,383.00​
Summer Raffle
At this year’s IMCD UK Summer Event, colleagues also had the chance to buy tickets for our Summer Raffle, with all the proceeds going to True Honour. 

Amount raised: £645​.00
The Great IMCD Bake Off
On October 11th, IMCD UK colleagues took part in our very own Great British Bake Off. Each of the entered bakes went through a blind taste test from our panel of judges, with prizes being awarded to the top three. Every bake that was entered was then sold to raise money for True Honour.

Amount raised: £130​.00
On the 1st November, IMCD UK hosted a Halloween themed bingo, otherwise known as ‘Binghoul’. The event was open to all IMCD UK colleagues for a small fee, with 100% of the proceeds going to True Honour. Binghoul provided colleagues with a fantastic opportunity to relax, have some fun, and raise money for a worthy cause. 

Amount raised: £42.00
Surrey Three Peaks

The 5th November saw eight fearless UK team members take on The Surrey Three Peaks Challenge. The 23-mile round trip takes place across three classic Surrey hills – Box Hill, Holmberry Hill, and the county-top Leith Hill.

Amount Raised: £835

IMCD Charity Quiz Night
On the 16th November, we were pleased to once again host the annual IMCD Charity Quiz Night. The quiz was open to all IMCD UK colleagues for a small entry fee, with those taking part enjoying an evening full of fun, laughter, and a healthy dose of competition. However, most importantly, 100% of the money raised from the entry fee went to True Honour.

Amount raised: £143
Christmas Jumper Day

The 6th December was the IMCD UK Christmas Jumper Day. For a £2 donation to True Honour, colleagues could embrace the Christmas spirit and spend the day in their in the favourite festive knitwear.

Amount raised £46.54


Christmas Raffle

At the IMCD UK Christmas Party on the 14th December, colleagues participated in another charity raffle. Many incredible prizes were kindly donated towards the raffle from local businesses and IMCD colleagues. It was a fantastic way to end the year and resulted in a large final contribution to True Honour.

Amount raised: £1266.07


Overall IMCD UK raised over £6,500 in support of True Honour, our charity of the year 2023. 

We would like to show our enormous gratitude to everyone who contributed towards this number. Every pound raised will directly support True Honour in their mission to eradicate honour-based violence and forced marriage.
Choosing our 2024 Charity
As part of our ongoing desire to give back - a key value at IMCD UK – we are now in the process of selecting our chosen charity for 2024.

Once again, all IMCD UK employees will be given the opportunity to put a charity of their choice forward for potential selection. After receiving the nominated charities, colleagues will vote for the charity that resonates with them the most.
The charity that gets the most votes will go on to be supported by IMCD UK throughout 2024.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to our fundraising activities in 2023 and we look forward to announcing our chosen charity for 2024 in the coming weeks.

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