IMCD UK Acquires Orange Chemicals Ltd


On February 28th 2023, IMCD UK was pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Orange Chemicals Ltd. Orange Chemicals, renowned for its strong customer focus and reliability, has established itself as a trusted partner in the chemical distribution sector, boasting an impressive annual turnover of £27 million in 2022.

The integration of Orange Chemicals into IMCD was a strategic endeavour that has spanned the past four months. IMCD’s dedicated team has worked tirelessly during this time to ensure a seamless transition and to guarantee the continuation of "business as usual." The comprehensive data, checks, and balances put in place have ensured a smooth integration process.

As of July 3rd, Orange Chemicals has been operating under the IMCD brand. The Industrial Solutions business unit, including key contacts Jonathan Griffin, Daniel Healy, Nataly Cajas, and Fiona Hope, will be leading the newly integrated business. Jonathan, the Sales Director, boasts over a decade of experience at Orange Chemicals and has previously worked with other leading distributors. Collaborating closely with Jonathan is John Millett, the Managing Director and owner of Orange Chemicals, who together have managed supplier and customer relationships. The team is further supported by Heather Dominey in finance, as well as Fiona Hope and Helen Tiller in customer service. The whole team bring extensive knowledge and expertise with them to IMCD, having fostered strong relationships with all of their partners throughout their tenure.

The addition of Orange Chemicals' portfolio perfectly complements IMCD's existing product offering. With a focus on large volume sales of plasticisers, glycols, specialty solvents, BDO and derivatives, and polyols, the acquisition significantly strengthens IMCD's market penetration and customer activity within IMCD’s Advanced Materials, Industrial Solutions, and Coatings & Construction business units. Additionally, there are several smaller product lines that will contribute to the growth of IMCD’s other business units. IMCD is excited about the immense potential for development and expansion presented by the addition of this new product mix and customer base.

The acquisition of Orange Chemicals also includes the addition of a repacking and warehousing third-party facility based in Huntingdon, UK, which will not only enhance handling capabilities but also bring substantial supply chain benefits to IMCD UK. This facility will play a pivotal role in supporting IMCD's growth strategy and cater to the evolving needs of its customers.

With the successful acquisition of Orange Chemicals Ltd, IMCD has further solidified its position as a leading player in the chemical distribution industry. The integration process has laid a strong foundation for future growth and will enable IMCD to better serve its customers, while leveraging the expertise and established supplier relationships inherited from Orange Chemicals and their team

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