In honour of National Vegetarian Week, IMCD UK has cooked up something special!


In celebration of National Vegetarian Week, IMCD UK has developed an innovative plant-based soup - 'Thai Style Ch*cken Protein Soup' and not only is it healthy, it’s also delicious!

A feast for the senses

The soup is made using a unique blend of ingredients sourced from some of IMCD Food & Nutrition’s key suppliers, including Roquette, Givaudan, DSM and Friesland Campina.


Our plant based soup is perfect for on the go snacking! To make it, simply add 150ml of boiling water to 24g of the powder and stir until smooth. The result is a creamy and flavourful soup that is perfect for a quick and easy lunch or dinner.


What goes into it we hear you ask? Well, the soup contains pea protein isolate combined with rapeseed protein to give a nutritionally complete amino acid profile, whilst enabling a Source of Protein claim! A cold swelling functional potato starch gives excellent suspension and a creamy mouthfeel, whilst maltodextrin ensures good ingredient distribution and improved hydration and wettability when being made up.

In addition, the soup features a specialised fat powder - an acid-stable creamer based on sunflower oil, that is perfectly suited for use in soups and sauces. The soup also contains a blend of yeast extracts that combine high glutamates and a great rounding body with specific roasted culinary profiles, making for an incredible taste-enhancing blend. Lastly, vegan suitable natural flavours are added to give meaty notes and light aromatic freshness to the soup, resulting in a delectable taste.


Our Thai Style Ch*cken Protein Soup is a delicious and innovative plant-based option that showcases the quality and versatility of ingredients from IMCD's key suppliers. Whether you're celebrating National Vegetarian Week or just looking for a healthy and flavourful soup option, give this soup a try!


Please contact your local representative for more information!




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