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Salma Moulana: A look at an IMCD UK student placement in our Beauty & Personal Care Business Unit 
Welcome to the first Inside IMCD UK, a series of Q&As that bring you closer to our experts and what it’s like to work at IMCD.

In this interview, we will be getting to know Salma Moulana, a student pursuing an MSc in Cosmetic Science at the University of Arts London, who for the last year has been working as Laboratory Technician as part of a paid student placement within IMCD UK's Beauty & Personal Care business unit.

As her placement draws to a close, we had the opportunity to sit down with Salma to discuss her motivations for joining IMCD UK, what technical challenges she’s faced, some of her highlights and key takeaways from her time here, as well as where she sees her career going next.


So, without further ado, let's dive into the story of Salma Moulana's internship at IMCD UK.

My initial encounter with IMCD transpired when they advertised the placement opportunity. After submitting my application for the position, I did some research on the company and its core activities. During the interview phase, Kathryn Davies provided further explanation on IMCD's prominent position within the industry and the specific nature of their operations. It became apparent to me that by joining IMCD, a distributor in the field, I would be granted the invaluable opportunity to gain exposure to both facets of the industry: suppliers engaged in marketing novel cosmetic ingredients, as well as manufacturers that utilise the marketed cosmetic and skincare ingredients for finished cosmetic and skincare products.
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