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The IMCD UK Healthcare Innovation Summit


Exploring Healthcare Innovation 

The IMCD UK Healthcare Innovation Summit, hosted on the 19th October 2023 at the Malmaison Hotel in Oxford, provided the perfect platform for our team and guest speakers to delve into the present and future trends of the healthcare industry. 

​For the attendees, it provided a unique opportunity to explore and gain insight into the latest material and product innovations. With an impressive lineup of speakers from the IMCD team and our best-in-class suppliers, the IMCD UK Healthcare Innovation Summit offered a place to share knowledge and partake in collaborative discussions.

A summary of the talks and seminars can be found below:

The event commenced with an introduction to the summit and a discourse on medical polymer selection, spearheaded by IMCD representatives. It set the stage for a day full of intriguing discussions.

The IMCD Oxford Medical Day was filled with valuable insights and interactive discussions. 

It demonstrated the commitment of IMCD and its partners to pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation. The diverse range of topics covered during the summit showcased the depth and breadth of expertise within the industry, from IMCD, and from our principal partners.

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