CRT-IPAPTFE18 is a concentrated dispersion of PTFE in Isopropanol (IPA). CRT-IPAPTFE18 provides a new dimension in durable coating application. It is an exceptionally stable dispersion that is white in color, which makes CRT-IPAPTFE18 desirable for applications where the use of a dark colored (Graphite or MoS2) solid lubricants would be unacceptable. CRT-IPAPTFE18 is designed to provide a quick drying, low-friction coating when diluted or compounded as a lubricant. It has good adhesion on many substrates, such as plastic, metal, glass, rubber and wood. Mechanical parts wear longer and provide longer maintenance schedules when coated with this product. As a “friction modifier” additive, it is complementary with most aerosol or coating formulations and should be applied per the surface preparation and application instructions below.

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