SilkFlo products are clear, odourless and colourless hydrocarbon liquids with high purity. Their cosmetic benefits are relevant for the skin and for cosmetic formulations. Cosmetics formulated with SilkFlo leave the skin clean, silky-soft, refreshed, more beautiful and smoothly toned. The SilkFlo series are synthetic decene (C10 alpha olefin) oligomers, which are hydrogenated to remove the residual double bond. This ‘Molecular Purity’ is the source of SilkFlo’s physical properties which underlie it’s outstanding performance in cosmetic formulations. Molecular Purity also distinguishes SilkFlo from simple mineral oils, which are blended to simple specifications, and give no guarantee of molecular chemistry or content.


  • Superb tactile/sensorial properties. When used as emollients, SilkFlo impart a superior silky, elegant skin feel, combined with good moisturizing, spreading and lubricating properties.
  • Trouble free formulation, compatible with common emollients, silicones and oil phase additives, stable over the entire pH range, stable at temperature up to 200°C.
  • High solids wetting power giving stable pigment pre-dispersions allowing a low content of pigments in the formulation.
  • Reduce syneresis in stick formulations.
  • Reliable high purity guarantee ensures product safety. Tasteless and odourless.
  • ‘Molecular purity’. You will get exactly the same product from batch to batch.

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