SILRES® BS 4004 is a water-thinnable, solventless emulsion, based on a mixture of silane and siloxane. Dilute solutions of SILRES® BS 4004 serve as highquality, general-purpose water repellents for hydrophobic impregnating and priming mineralsurfaces. Mineral substrates treated with SILRES® BS 4004 are especially characterized by an excellent beading effect. Moreover It can be used for the mass hydrophobation of non-load bearing concrete products. Properties : • good depth of penetration • rapid development of water repellency • highly durable and effective beading effect • tack-free drying • provides good adhesion for paints • water-based and environmentally compatible • stable in storage, even when diluted Applications : • Impregnation of New and Existing Buildings • Construction Materials • Hydrophobic Impregnation • Silicone Primers • Primer for Paints

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