CAVAMAX® W6 FOOD (non-GMO) is a food grade alpha-cyclodextrin from Wacker Chemie AG. With 6 glucose units CAVAMAX® W6 FOOD (nonGMO) has the smallest cavity of the native cyclodextrins. The ring-shaped oligosaccharide is produced enzymatically from plant starch. Through its unique properties, CAVAMAX® W6 FOOD (non-GMO) provides several useful functionalities, e.g. emulsifying and foam stabilizing, for creating innovative food solutions. Synonyms: alpha-cyclodextrin, cyclohexaamylose, cyclomaltohexaose. Recommended in a wide variety of applications e.g.: icings and frostings; coconut milk powder; egg-free bakery; and masking mayonnaise and sauces. CAVAMAX®​ W6 soluble dietary fiber replaces emulsifiers,​ enabling oil-based icing applications or emulsifier-free dressings and sauces. Furthermore it allows whipping without fat​ and thus offers new opportunities for whipped products.

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