NUTRIOSE® is a range of plant-based soluble fibre, derived from non-GMO wheat or corn, with a neutral taste to preserve the original taste of your products, an outstanding clinically proven digestive tolerance and excellent process stability. Today’s sophisticated consumers seek optimum nutrition in their food and beverages without having to sacrifice on taste and convenience. A safe, stable, prebiotic, low caloric non-viscous soluble fibre, NUTRIOSE® range meets this global demand by providing multiple nutritional and health benefits: ♦ Gut health as a prebiotic, through growth of specific gut microbiota for a diversified gut. ♦ Satiety and weight management through calorie reduction. ♦ Sustained energy release through slow and prolonged fermentation in the colon ♦ Blood glucose management through a low impact on blood glucose or through sugar reduction.


  • Dietary Fibre source
  • Prebiotic

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