VISCARIN® GP 30 is a Carrageenan based gelling agent composed of carrageenan (E407), Dextrose (added as a standardizing agent). It is an off-white powder manufactured from red seaweeds. VISCARIN® GP 30 is designed for dressings, sauces, and beverages (including non-dairy). For caramel application. Elastic texture, quick setting, excellent shelf stability, sets to non-sticky texture, controls flow properties. VISCARIN® GP 30 provides smooth, clean mouthfeel with excellent flavor release. It increases control of viscosity, stabilization, and suspension, and allows for water binding. It also helps to maintain high moisture in applications. VISCARIN® GP 30 is GMO free, Halal and Kosher certified. IMCD has an extensive range of solutions and if you haven’t found exactly what you are looking for, please get in touch. This product is available to you as it is authorised for sale in your registered country. It must not be resold outside your registered country.

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