Our polishing aluminas are grades of a specially produced oxide. As inorganic products, they have one important advantage over natural materials used for polishing: their physical properties and chemical compositions are constant regardless of the pressure or temperature experienced during use. Aluminum oxide is the most widely used polishing medium. In general, polishing compounds contain approximately 50% alumina. The primary crystals of Almatis polishing aluminas are extremely hard. On the Mohs scale the aluminas rate one degree below diamond.


  • " Crushing properties of the agglomerates and primary crystals
  • Hardness of the primary crystals
  • Shape of the grains in the damaged and the undamaged crystals
  • Wide range of working temperature, high melting point and excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • Workability and oil absorption
  • Homogeneity of the powder low in impurities, hard particles"

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