Westlake Vinnolit offers a wide range of PVC products, which covers all standard PVC applications. Thanks to its high quality and versatility, PVC is the ideal material for numerous applications: floor coverings made of PVC are resilient, easy to clean and available in many designs, decorative vinyl wallpapers create atmosphere and modern PVC window profiles are ideal for energy-saving, aesthetic and sustainable construction. In the construction sector, PVC is also used for durable roofing membranes, pipes, cable insulation, tubes and seals as well as (facade) panels. In everyday life, this versatile material also accompanies us in the form of credit cards, durable artificial leather, water-repellent or protective clothing, tarpaulin coverings or many surfaces in the car interior of and exterior applications. Medical applications such as blood bags, medical tubes, examination gloves or pharmaceutical films are also gaining in importance.


  • Improved surface properties
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Excellent thermostability
  • Excellent weathering
  • High transparency and low fish eye count
  • Very low fogging values
  • Broad processing window

1 trade-grade

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